How to run faster than Chrome on Android

Sometimes it feels that our phone takes too long to load a page, especially when we got into news pages. But this need not be so. We show you a few simple tricks that can make Web pages load faster when you use Chrome for Android.


Download Chrome Beta

Our first recommendation is to download Chrome Beta for Android. It will not improve the experience in the application automatically, but improvements to make Google your browser arrive before users of the beta version, so it is usually be the quickest and most effective version.

Enables resource request page

Select the function requested resources page previously within Chrome, for faster loading of web pages. Go to the options menu (three points) Chrome and select Settings> Privacy> Application Resource previous page.

By default this option is marked as ‘only Wi-Fi’, but we recommend you change it to ‘Always’ to enjoy a faster browsing experience, but consume more data traffic.


Chrome flags

Chrome Flags page is a place where you can try out new experimental settings Chrome. Although it comes with a warning: adjust these variables can make Chrome stop working correctly. However, it is easy to reset the default settings or just uninstall / reinstall the application to get things back to normal. This will not affect other functions of the terminal, but only to Chrome.

Write chrome: // flags / in the search box to enter Chrome homepage settings Flags to install or uninstall.

Disable click delay. Normally when you browse a Web page, if you click on a link, this will display a short delay from the time you press on it until the action is performed. This pause is to recognize if this is a normal click or double click. Disabling this feature will make every time we sail through links, our experience more agile.


After entering ‘Max mosaics area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest’. If you change this setting to 512 means that Chrome will render faster at a higher cost of RAM usage, with a powerful phone, this will barely be noticeable. In addition, it enables the rapid closing windows and tabs to accelerate the processing of tabs and windows.

Do you have any other tips? Share in the comments!