Hi everyone, hope you all had a brilliant and warm summer.

We’re back and ready to face this fall. We’ll end our Juliet Grove tour at the end of October when we’ll have a special party at George Best in Naples, a place where we feel like home.

But we want to give you something special: a new song to download for free from 10th to 17th September. It’s called “Chance For Us To Go Wrong” and features Nino Bruno from Nino Bruno e le 8 tracce. Our friend recorded and mixed the song and sings in a verse as well. It was our first analogic experience and we’re very happy.

chance for us to go wrong

You can now download the song just pushing this button:

We’re back from 2 amazing festival. Had a brilliant time. Thanks to anyone involved.

Relax time now; we’ll spend this August in the best way possible. Travels, sea, mountain, books, whatever.

See you in a month, when we’ll play the last gigs of Juliet Grove tour.



Hi guys

our Juliet Grove is almost over, a bunch of shows still remain and we’ll probably take a breath after this summer.

This is If Everything, the bonus track of our Juliet Grove Japanese Edition. You can also download the song for free here on soundcloud


As you probably know, we had a brilliant time while recording our album in Wolverhampton. This is an interview where our friend and producer Gavin Monaghan talks about the record, his fave track, the lyrics…it was shot is his own Magic Garden Recording Studio at the end of the sessions.


Hi everyone

the video is now on line. Directed by our friend Giuliano Caprara. Enjoy it.

Hi folks, hope you’re all well.

As you might know, we’re still touring across our country. We’ll do it until October, more or less. But we recently went back to the studio to record a new track, actually not a real new track bust the song we play every time at the end of our shows. The song is called “Chance for us to go wrong” and you can see a live version at the end of this post.

We already record the most of the song, just need to add some backing vocals and keyboards; but the real news is that we are working with our friend Nino Bruno, a really inspired and talented musician. We went to his analog studio and recorded the song with analog methods; that’s very challenging as it’s a completely different world. It’s gonna be massive.

We’ll probably give you the song for free and you can pay with a social payment system, which means a tweet or a post on facebook. Fair, isn’t it?


Our first time on this beautiful web balcony was in Dublin.

This time we’re half of us in Rome.


We’re on tv.

This is a televised report broadcasted last week on TG3 Campania.

Our first time ever. Enjoy.


We’re now back home after 3 days touring across Italy.

Foligno, Arezzo, Rome: it was simply amazing. Thanks to anyone who bought Juliet Grove, asked for signed copies, took pictures.

We’ll be back on the road next week.



We love Ronan Keating and Glen Hansard so we took our good chance to play them when we had an acoustic session in Milan at Rockol. We also played our song Crash into me (Golden Sun).

Click on the picture and enjoy the set.

pipers rockol