7 Cool Tips & Tricks For Whatsapp


WhatsApp is used by more than 700 million active users per month, the most widely used messaging app is not hacker-proof so we give you seven tips to keep safe conversations, images and profile by anyone, even by those who, friend or relative, just wants to snoop into your private things.

Security is never too much and especially when it is an application with which we exchange around with a large number of people, for pleasure or business, and there are gaps, discovered by security firm ESET, regarding the profile pictures WhatsApp that can be shown to all your contacts, even when set to be displayed only from friends.

7 simple tips to make sure Whatsapp.

1 – Block photos of WhatsApp that appear in the gallery.

The images that you receive on WhatsApp are automatically stored in the phone gallery. To do so they do not see in the gallery should use a file manager like ES File Explorer to find the folder WhatsApp with the “Images” and “Videos” within them to create a new folder naming ” .nomedia ” . In this gallery in Android are invisible images and videos Whataspp.

2 – Restrict access to profile photo

You can limit access to your profile picture to people in your address book. People who do not know they can download the image from your profile WhatsApp and, through the Google image search, they can learn more about you if you use the same image on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on the website of your company.

Set sharing profile image to “only contacts” in the privacy menu, to enable this feature enter the setup menu of Whatsapp >> Account >> Privacy >> Photo Profile.

3 – Beware of scams.

WhatsApp never contact users through the application and will not send e-mail, voice messages, requests for payment, changes, photos or videos, using the chat unless you contact their support.

Who offers a free subscription, claiming to be from WhatsApp or encourages you to follow the link is not to be trusted. These links may lead to websites that install malware and spyware.

4 – Disable WhatsApp if you lose your phone.

If you lose your phone, you should immediately activate WhatsApp with the same number on a different phone, with a replacement SIM. One measure of basic security that takes WhatsApp is that the application can be used as a single number on one device at a time, in this way you avoid that is used on the old phone.

If this is not possible, the assistance of WhatsApp can also disable your account.

5 – Keep WhatsApp blocked.

WhatsApp does not offer the ability to set a password or PIN, you can still do that with third party applications such as Messenger and Chat Lock  or Chat safely .

6 – Hide the “last access.

L ‘”last access” can be turned off in Settings >> Account >> Privacy, in this way you can avoid having to know that you’ve been online the last time. However, that will not be able to see the “last access” to other users.

7 – Pay attention to what you’re talking about.

As with other forms of communication, you do not have to share confidential information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, bank details or credit card.

This was all for today! Good luck with these tips. Please contact if you have any additional questions or suggestions! Here is a site on how to hack whatsapp .

This above site is for educational purposes. Don’t use it to harm anyone.

Dominations: Tips, and Tricks

dominations-tips and tricks

Dominations is the strategic game that made its debut last week and even after seven days has already managed to create a beautiful and large community of players. You would not expect anything less from a game designer Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations). Dominations shares with the other securities of such difficulty, the complexity and the ability to be addictive! There is much to learn about it, why below we will see a guide with some tips and tricks to dominations that will help to lay the groundwork to become a great strategist.

The guide we are following is however not only for those who are beginners, but also for the more experienced, because there may always be details that escape, it is always helpful to take a look and read all the advice.

Dominations: Tips, and Tricks

1. How to have more gold
There are several game mechanics that will allow you to get greater quantities of gold and it is something which should obviously take advantage. It ranges from hunting rabbits and foxes, the collection of gold in its mines, ending up with the ability to connect all of the buildings at the City Center. It is indeed a great way to get free gold. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to sell at the market objects that you do not need it when you find yourself too much.

2. Make all work
Keep busy your workers and make them build, upgrade or pick something up. Even if you have only one free worker, is a task to entrust him while you’re still playing, otherwise rallenterai progress and long you may find yourself at a disadvantage compared to others.

3. Get rid of the trees
Whenever you have the chance, you clean up the soil from the surrounding plants as this not only allows you to have more room to expand your city and build new buildings, but also to get their hands on a wide range of resources that you will get exactly from the forests.

4. Focus on your base
Beginning from the priority expansion of your base. So you can build all the buildings and update them as soon as possible and as often as possible. The difficulty of the single campaign increases very quickly and attack other players to the Bronze Age is very risky, especially if you are starting out. So think before you create a strong base and to update everything and only then go to the conquest. Then do not forget to take advantage of the boost that you get when the timer construction falls below 5 minutes.

5. Manage your workers
Another step that will let you become a good strategist is to learn to manage their workers to maximize revenue – which is very useful especially in the beginning, when you have a few workers available. Updates and buildings require large amounts of time to complete, so when you start playing not to occupy the workers with this type of tasks, rather think of hunting and gathering. Then assigns homework longer just when you’re about to close the game.

6. Defend the base in the best way
Not sure you can have all the buildings are surrounded by defensive walls and several defensive buildings, but you can still commit yourself to find the one that would be the best available, able to guarantee the best chance of being able to defend the base. To begin, place defenses around the main building (City Center) and surrounds them with the walls. As for the buildings that contain resources, put them in plain sight and use them as bait, since the attacker can not decide what to attack many times and every second that you lose is a step towards victory.

7. How to attack?
After you have figured out how to defend, you will definitely need to learn all the game mechanics that apply to attacking, so that they can exploit to their advantage. The best thing is being able to get the earliest possible age Medieval so have more defensive buildings to build and only after thinking about updating them. Remember that the defenses that are updated not work until the upgrade is completed (which can be used to your advantage because the same rule applies to the other). Then tries to schedule this kind of updates such as when you have a period of respite.

8. Which building attack first?
If you do not set a goal when you attack, you find it hard to win. We should give priority to resources, rather than to think about winning the whole fight. This is because more medals you win, the more strong the next opponents that you will need to attack and attack you, so you better keep down the number of medals for as long as possible, at least until you have built a civilization as it should.

9. Suggest you too!
These are our tips and tricks for dominations, but remember that we always give too much importance to your suggestions that we always try to include in the guides of the various games and dominations is no exception!

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How to run faster than Chrome on Android

Sometimes it feels that our phone takes too long to load a page, especially when we got into news pages. But this need not be so. We show you a few simple tricks that can make Web pages load faster when you use Chrome for Android.


Download Chrome Beta

Our first recommendation is to download Chrome Beta for Android. It will not improve the experience in the application automatically, but improvements to make Google your browser arrive before users of the beta version, so it is usually be the quickest and most effective version.

Enables resource request page

Select the function requested resources page previously within Chrome, for faster loading of web pages. Go to the options menu (three points) Chrome and select Settings> Privacy> Application Resource previous page.

By default this option is marked as ‘only Wi-Fi’, but we recommend you change it to ‘Always’ to enjoy a faster browsing experience, but consume more data traffic.


Chrome flags

Chrome Flags page is a place where you can try out new experimental settings Chrome. Although it comes with a warning: adjust these variables can make Chrome stop working correctly. However, it is easy to reset the default settings or just uninstall / reinstall the application to get things back to normal. This will not affect other functions of the terminal, but only to Chrome.

Write chrome: // flags / in the search box to enter Chrome homepage settings Flags to install or uninstall.

Disable click delay. Normally when you browse a Web page, if you click on a link, this will display a short delay from the time you press on it until the action is performed. This pause is to recognize if this is a normal click or double click. Disabling this feature will make every time we sail through links, our experience more agile.


After entering ‘Max mosaics area of ​​interest’. If you change this setting to 512 means that Chrome will render faster at a higher cost of RAM usage, with a powerful phone, this will barely be noticeable. In addition, it enables the rapid closing windows and tabs to accelerate the processing of tabs and windows.

Do you have any other tips? Share in the comments!