13 tips to save money while traveling

13 tips to save money while traveling

I love to travel saving. Spend as little as possible is one of my main goals, and that way I can continue to have more money for my next trips and not be worried after paying debts.

 I will give 13 tips to save money using deals from the best sites while traveling, so read notes and prepare for your next cheap trip!

  1. Plan your trip

It is always necessary to organize your trip, I normally prepare in my beloved Excel. First I put the approximate dates of my trip, the destinations I want to know and thus helps distinguish me if it’s okay as long as I give each city and how long it will take me that vacation. Then I place the payment of fees, accommodation, food and daily expenses that can be presented, so I will know approximately how much my next trip.


  1. Avoid traveling during high season

Avoid dates where all traveling, ie in July and August, or during the holidays this year or Easter. If you vacation in any of these dates if, schedule your trip in advance so that we can get around the issue .

  1. Choose the tickets

If you’re traveling by plane, always check the best options when buying your ticket. The price of flights vary considerably between months or even days. Avoid traveling on weekends ever since prices are higher. Or travel to nearby towns to your destination as this can lower costs.


  1. Night travel

This is something I always try to do in my travels, especially to unite cities, what I call it the famous 2 × 1, because while I travel, I sleep. It may be by train, bus or plane, the idea is to go long distances and sleep while you’re traveling, you may not always be as comfortable but it will save a hotel night and you’ll have more hours in the day to enjoy the city. This I did in Brazil, for example, and I turned out great!


  1. Luggage

Try not to use bags. If you really want to save traveling I recommend using a backpack, these always travel with you in the cabin, in order to avoid paying extra luggage and for example in low-cost travel and not pay for it. But have in mind what is best for you backpack.


  1. Save on Lodging

Who does not like being in a luxury hotel with all the comforts of the world and feel like a movie star where you attend all the time ?. But think how long you’re in the hotel? It is minimal! so not worth spending so much money, unless you are going to be there to relax, which in this case is worth every penny, but if your idea is to go out and meet the city you are visiting, save all you can in sleep .

  1. Use couchsurfing or exchange houses.

The famous couchsurfing is one of the best ways to save money traveling, on this page you can ask a local who will stay at home for free. The other option is to swap homes this is ideal for long trips. Exchanging with other travelers house will allow you not only save on the accommodation but also because it can cook food there.

  1. Book online and stay in hostels

If you will not sleep in the house of strangers, then opt for the cheapest option. First of all look for the best price and book your room in advance, the price on the same counter at the property can be more expensive. Besides the famous hotels or youth hostels they are a great alternative if you’re in a group, because the rooms are shared. In these places you can also meet people and have a good time.


  1. Transportation within cities

Do not use taxis, it’s best to use public transport as save incredibly. A taxi can cost between 5-20 coins depends on the city where you are while using public transportation with only 5 coins you will move all day.


  1. Walk all you can

You walk can get to know the city, and you’ll be in better shape and can meet most typical of the city premises, then you will end up saving in every way, and you can even find much cheaper restaurants in your walks. It’s nice to walk and always will be !

  1. Buying in supermarkets and kitchen

The best way to save on a trip is also about food. I avoid always go to expensive restaurants, I prefer shopping at supermarkets and eating at home. If you want to try local food, then your travel program a few days to go to restaurants that you liked most while you were walking. Always think how much you will spend on a meal in a restaurant how VS spend on eating at home.

  1. Come home

If you have nowhere to cook, then eat at home, that is, stay away from the tourist spots in the city and looking for small restaurants, these are always with locals. The savings will be incredible and eat really well and you will taste the local dishes, achieving the good, nice and cheap 3B.

  1. Free visits

Whenever you go to a new destination internet searches all options you have to visit for free. For example, in Paris, on the first Sunday of each month, the museums are free, can also find places of interest without having to pay admission. Enjoy the culture in a more economical manner.